A mortgage for a property in Spain

I’m one of those people that loves to spend the summer on the Costa Brava, an idyllic place with truly incredible beaches. The Costa Brava is where I’ve spent my summers since I was little when my parents would take me and my brother during summer holidays, when they would leave the United Kingdom behind for a bit.

It’s something different from where we live during the year, a place where we had grand adventures. And little by little, we discovered the peculiarities of this country that, although it’s not all that far away, is really quite different.

As the years went on I invited friends and family to the Costa Brava, and many of them have gone home keen on buying a second home in Spain. I’ve always told them all the same thing: look at mortgages, but when you have something more or less clear, ask for offers at your destination.

There are few banks in Spain that have a mortgage service targeted specifically toward expatriates or buyers looking for a second residence. Many of these entities provide the same service for a local client that they do for a foreigner, and the truth is that we have very different needs.

Getting a mortgage for a property in Spain is complicated, because the product itself (the mortgage) is complex and must be well understood. HolaBank, CaixaBanks’s value proposition for foreigners needing banking services is, in my opinion, the one that’s best suited to these needs.

First of all, they can speak to you in your own language. They have services available in multiple languages, in addition to English. They have adapted their offerings thinking of foreigners who either go to Spain from time to time or spend long periods of time there. They’re able to be by your side throughout the entire process required to take out a mortgage in Spain, from the first steps to the day you sign your mortgage.

But it’s not only that – HolaBank offers, just for opening an account called Living Solutions Account, an enormous range of services that solve a lot of the problems we face as expatriates moving to and living in Spain: international moves, translation services, help in everything related to your new house (they help you contract services, remodel your flat, etc.) You can see all their services in the HolaBank Club. I don’t think there’s a bank that does it better.

This is my advice for everyone who wants to take out a mortgage in Spain. Good luck!

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September 2nd 2019, 13:39

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