A perfect holiday in Spain

When it comes to the perfect holiday, Spain is a great destination due to its sheer versatility. You could stay in a sleepy village where all the traditions such as the fiesta still take place. These places offer the finest regional and local foods and wines that can’t be found in city chains.

Although you’ll have to wait until 3pm until lunch and 9pm for dinner, it’s well worth the wait. If you want a more lively experience, the cities offer great shopping and lively nightlife, plus you’ll have many superb International standard hotels to stay in.

Stunning constant hot weather

One of the main attractions in Spain is their constant hot weather and wonderful beaches. Visit Costa Brava for their cosy coves, or go to Fuerteventura for their miles of clean perfect sands. Whether you want a busy resort and bars, happily sipping cocktails, or a quiet strip of coastline to fish from, Spain offers it all.

Spanish Nightlife

Just like their eating habits, the Spanish start late when it comes to nightlife, the party not over until the sun comes up. Experience traditional flamenco shows to the banging nightclubs, Spain makes sure everyone has a great night out.

Hustle & Bustle

Spain’s cities are renowned worldwide for a busy hustle bustle experience, especially Barcelona. Whether it’s shopping, dining, or nights on the town, Spain’s cities have everything. Football fans may want to see Real Madrid or FC Barcelona play at their home grounds, an unforgettable experience.

Food and Drink (Paella and Wine)

Spain’s National dish is paella, one meal you can’t miss if you visit Spain. Another cuisine is Tapas, a mix of small dishes like seafood, squid, meat, vegetables and tomato covered potatoes.

Spain also produces some really fine wines from all their regions, the La Rioja their most famous and most commonly chosen. If you like Sherry, a great excuse to get merry is to visit Jerez, where it originates, and sampling a vintage will just top off your day.
If it’s versatility and the choice of making your holiday your own, Spain is the destination to choose.

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