Adeslas Medical Insurance for expats in Spain

Hello, my name is Valentina and I was born in Italy but I grew up in Munich (Germany). For work reasons I had to move to Barcelona, where I have been living with my 2 daughters for 3 years and I have to admit that I really like this city. The interaction with people is very cordial and the weather during most of the year is pleasant.

I wanted to explain my experience in the field of health once I know a little about how life works in this country. I decided a few months ago to buy medical insurance that fits my budget and offers quality service. Investigating in the internet forums and by recommendations of friends I managed to acquaint myself with a series of products and services that CaixaBank offers. Within these is medical insurance. In my opinion, the prices are accessible and of quality, compared to other insurers. Of course, depending upon the quality of the service you want, the prices vary. In my case I acquired Adeslas Plena Medical Insurance.

And now I shall explain the details that have most convinced me during this time living in Barcelona. I was already a client of HolaBank, the bank of CaixaBank which specializes in serving expatriates living in Spain and through them I became acquainted with the insurance services they had. Adeslas Plena Medical Insurance has a very good quality/price ratio. In my case, I chose this method because it was better suited to my needs and budget. One of the essentials was that it had good pediatric service, but it also has more than 14 medical specialties.

The experience I have had during these months with Adeslas Plena has been very positive. The medical attention is immediate and of quality and in the internet forums Adeslas has very good feedback; a reason why I believe that not only I value the service but that it is something generalized.

Maybe there are potions behind it, but it is the one that gave me the most guarantees in its day, the one that was most valued and the one that has not given me a single problem since I contracted with them.

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September 2nd 2019, 14:04

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