Benalmádena is divided into three parts, Benalmádena Costa, Benalmádena Pueblo and Arroyo de la Miel. Benalmádena is situation is approximately 20kms from Malaga and nestles between the Mijas mountain range and the beach. The entire town of Benalmádena encompasses the region in between Torremolinas and Malaga.

Benalmádena is clearly an area of conflicting environments with the pueblo, Benalmádena Costa and Arroyo de la Mile being so diametrically opposed in terms of atmosphere and tradition, however, as with Arroyo and Costa it is a tourist haven and the population swells to 60,000 people at the height of the season.

Historically, the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs have all left their mark on the town however the Romans and Moors mark is particularly noticeable in the architecture. The towns name was taken from the Arabic meaning ‘children of the mines’. However, more recently, the town most famous son and visitor is the Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas, who visits the Marina in his hometown regularly with his wife Melanie Griffith.

Benalmádena Pueblo

The pueblo (the old city) is located approximately 2kms from the coast and as it is 280metres above sea level with a view of the surrounding landscape and coast. It is relatively unspoiled; a typical Andalucian village with white washed buildings, traditional houses and narrow well maintained streets. The town manages to accommodate the ex-pats living in the town without losing its identity.

Benalmádena Marina

Since its completion in 1982 the marina has twice been voted “Best Marina in the World” and has continuously been awarded the Blue Flag of the Clean Seas of Europe by the European Community. The marina designed by architect Eduardo Oria and took ten years to complete.

It is a mix of commercial buildings, fairytale Arabic style residential properties built on islands and of course 1000 moorings. There are in excess of 200 shops and restaurants. Prices are moderately high around the Marina.

There is also the Sea Life aquarium (open all year round) and a ferry service operating between Malaga, Fuengirola and Torremolinos.

Arroyo de la Miel

Arroyo de la Miel is situated approximately 1km inland and is popular with full time resident ex-pats. It is a working town and has many restaurants, cafes and bars. It has a railway station which runs from Malaga to Fuengirola, taking in various commuter stops, Torremolinos and Málaga airport.

On Fridays there an open market in Tivoli World car park and also on Sunday mornings there is a small market mainly run by ex-pats.

Tivoli World

The children’s amusement park, ‘Tivoli World’ (open only at weekends in the winter) is also here and there is also the new ‘Telecabina’ (cable car), which takes passengers over the mountains to Monte Calamorro (750m above sea level).


This is the largest casino Southern Spain. The casino is directly on the seafront at Benalmádena Costa with views that stretch from Málaga to Fuengirola. The gaming room offers American or French Roulette, Black Jack, Punto Banco, Slot Machines, a private Gaming Room and Poker. Remember to take your passport.

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