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More and more businesses are moving to or partnering with businesses in Spain. With good currency exchange rates, and the increase in demand of “fair trade” products, Spain is a wonderful place for business. But in order to negotiate a fair deal for your fair trade coffee, you will need to talk to the growers themselves. Most growers, of course, do not speak English.

Here is a common scenario:

Your boss is sending you to Spain to negotiate a business deal with a co-op of coffee growers. You have been told that your spanish counterpart speaks limited English, and all you have is the two years of high school spanish from fifteen years ago—which will still get you to the beach, the library, and the bathroom, but not much else.

You need to quickly brush up on your spanish, and here is the place to do it! Below are some of the most commonly used business-related words and phrases.

Thank you for meeting with me. – Gracias por encontrarse conmigo.
I think that will work. – Creo que eso funcionará
What do you think of …? – ¿Qué piensa usted de…?
What would make this work for you? – ¿Qué haría este trabajo por usted?
That won’t work for us. – Eso no funcionará para nosotros.
We should meet again in … weeks/months/next year. – Debemos vernos de nuevo en … semanas/meses/ el próximo año.

In your business travels, you may also need to know how to describe what you are looking for in a business partner. Here is a very quick translation of a handful of professions and business categories you might find, or would like to find, in Spain:


English Spanish
affiliate company la filial
assortment Surtido
auction Subasta
auditing Auditoria
balance Saldo
Bank Banco
bankruptcy Quiebra
business Negocio
capital Capital
Client Cliente
company Empresa
competition competencia
consumer consumidor
consumption Consumo
Credit Crédito
customs Aduana
Debt Deuda
demand Demanda
economy Economía
expenses Gastos
exporter exportador
Fair Feria
finances Finanzas
foreign exchange Divisa
goods Bienes
importer importador
industry Industria
insurance Seguro
interest Interés
investment Ingreso
invoice Factura
market Mercado
merchandise Mercancía
money Dinero
Order Pedido
Price Precio
Profit Lucro
resources Recursos
Share Acción
shareholder Accionista
shop/store Tienda
stock exchange Bolsa
stock market index índice bursátil
supply Oferta
surplus Superávit
Tax Impuesto
Trade Comercio
transaction transacción
unemployment Desempleo


Architect arquitecto
Baker panadero
bank clerk empleado del banco
bookseller vendedor libros
builder albañil
butcher carnicero
caretaker portero
consultant asesor
cook cocinero
driver conductor
employee empleado
farmer campesino
farmer granjero
fireman bombero
fisherman pescador
foreman capataz
gardener jardinero
instructor instructor
laborer obrero
mechanic mecánico
miner minero


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