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When moving to a new country, the challenging nature of banking red tape can be a major issue. This is because if simply finding out the way to the nearest metro stop is already difficult, a banking contract is, without doubt, absolutely impossible for anyone who doesn’t speak the language properly.

To make matters worse, it’s not just a question of language, the legal system is different here to my country.

However, CaixaBank, better known among Spaniards as La Caixa, has made a huge effort to make foreigners feel at home when communicating with the bank and managing our affairs. First of all, it offers specialist expat offices through HolaBank. Secondly, there is the “Linea Abierta” service, which despite being designed for La Caixa customers rather than expats, has proved extremely useful.

It’s worth pointing out that this step towards digitalisation has provided us with a spectacular multi-linguistic service, available both via an online platform and an application. Nevertheless, it was the application which really caught my attention: the ease of use is simply incredible. With the Linea Abierta service you can do everything without having to actually go to a branch. It allows you to manage your money from home, but not just in the same old way, this is a real step forward, something else entirely.

The user experience: the best thing about the application

I’d like to point out that, normally, one of the major issues in any banking procedure can be its complexity and the hoops we all have to jump through. This makes going to the bank a real hassle, and means that it eats up a large part of your morning. However, thanks to Linea Abierta, we can make transfers, request credit and check an account without even leaving the house and with just a few clicks.

CaixaBank is one of the largest banking and insurance groups in Spain. Our history started in 1904 in Barcelona with the foundation of Caja de Ahorros y Pensiones de Barcelona “la Caixa”, which offered savings and pension products.

There’s no need for any expertise, or a deep understanding of banking, Linea Abierta simplifies everything so much that your five-year-old could do it (NB: don’t leave the app open near a small child, carrying out an operation really is that easy).

But, above all, one of the main advantages is that with Linea Abierta there’s no need to visit the branch, something you won’t miss (although it’ll always be there when you need it). This is a huge plus in Spain, as the majority of banks are only open in the morning. Which means having to request a few hours to go to the bank, hours which, now, you’ll be able to invest more productively.

All of which is to say that the Linea Abierta service is the best way of simplifying banking procedures, going completely “branch-free” and, ultimately, empowering the user who’ll always know exactly what is happening in his or her account. And is really safe! They send you a message to your phone to verify some banking orders.

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March 3rd 2019, 19:13

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