Car insurance in Spain

For many people, the car is more than a mode of transport, it is a tool for work or even a means of freedom and independence, seeing as you don’t have to rely on public transport timetables.

Nonetheless, a common problem is that if you move abroad, your existing insurance will not cover you in your new place of residence. Therefore, if you move to Spain, it’s better to take out insurance with a Spanish company.

However, as with all significant legal processes, we often come up against a lack of transparency in relation to foreigners. Furthermore, insurers offer complicated products with clauses that are difficult to understand, even for natives.

So, when taking out insurance, it’s better to have a company on your side that offers certain guarantees.


CaixaBank car insurance: the best option for foreigners

CaixaBank isn’t a traditional car insurance company, but a bank that has decided to integrate into the sector. But CaixaBank isn’t just any bank, it’s one of the biggest banks in Spain.

In addition to being a giant in the sector, in recent years it has implemented a series measures that will allow foreign clients to feel at home, and most importantly, able to sign up in their own language, not just in Spanish.

This is an enormous advantage because at all times you know what it is that you’re signing.

The advantages don’t only extend to the language, we also have some of the best insurance on the market, for several reasons. The first is that you are able to choose the garage for repairs. Secondly, 24-hour assistance will find you wherever you are. Finally, the fact that you can choose when you pay gives you great flexibility.

This last feature is one of my favourites. No matter how much money you may have when you move to another country, in the first few months you have to face lots of annual payments, so if you can put some of these off, all the better.

In my case, when I went to rent an apartment I found that I had to pay not only the first month’s rent but also the deposit. In the end I paid about three months rent at once. Later, other payments that I had to reckon with were, for example, school fees for the kids and schoolbooks (here there is no assistance from the government and they are quite expensive). As you can see, delaying the insurance payment was a real life-saver for me.

Oh! By the way, in Spain it is required by law to have liability insurance to be able to drive, so until you have it don’t consider taking the car.

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