Car leasing in Spain

When moving to another country, what you do about your car is usually an issue. First of all, because in the first few weeks you have no access to it, as we tend to travel by plane with the car being brought later. Secondly, because it might be the case that you do not have a car or do not wish to move it to a new country.

In cities like Madrid and Barcelona, having a car is more of a disadvantage than an advantage for day to day life. This is due to a number of reasons and in particular:

  • For short journeys public transport is much more efficient.
  • At peak time traffic jams are everywhere and mean a lot of wasted time.
  • Furthermore, in cities like these parking in the street is not free, but instead costs money.

In recent years a new reason has been highlighted: the pollution caused by cars in big cities. This is why it has become common for councils to keep large numbers of vehicles off the roads within city centres.


Car leasing: the best long-term solution.

The car is a very convenient solution in those rural areas where, in truth, there isn’t really any good quality public transport. However, in my opinion as a foreigner, from time to time having a car is essential if you want to get around with ease. For this reason, car leasing is a good option.

Thanks to the possibility of leasing (which is like renting a car with services included) a foreigner’s life is made more straightforward, given that with the same leasing contract we can make the most of a car, which is then also maintained and insured all for one price. This kind of solution always makes things more simple when you arrive in a new country as you are guaranteed good insurance which will be adequate when the time comes and maintenance services which will make life trouble-free.

What’s more, if you have a car in your home country, with leasing when the contract comes to an end so does the relationship with the financial institution and you no longer have any responsibilities with regards to the vehicle in question. It’s a good option both with regards to the convenience as well as the safety and guarantees offered (one of the most important things we look for when we move to a new country).

It is important to point out that leasing is a service which you can arrange through a company or as an individual. There are also tax benefits to be gained with this option too.

At CaixaBank you have various leasing and insurance options depending on your needs. You’ve got nothing to lose by exploring the possibilities and you might even be in for a surprise.

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