Contactless payment in Spain

If you’re among the people considering a move to Spain for work, holiday or as a destination for part of your retirement, you should know that the country waiting for you is one where mobile phone payment technology is quite commonplace. You’ll have no issues if you’re used to paying your restaurant bill with the use of your mobile phone.

One of the organisations with the highest number of POS terminals on the market is CaixaBank and all of them already offer contactless payment. If you’re not so familiar with this form of technology, allow me to explain a few of the details.

It uses technology which only requires a suitable card to be held immediately next to it. It is made possible by NFC technology which enables information to be shared between devices.

This means that you can pay with your mobile phone, bank card (if it is contactless), a wristband, etc… by hovering the device in question over a POS terminal. For amounts over €20 payments usually have to be made using your PIN, but for smaller purchases your PIN is not usually required and the transaction is approved automatically. Each of these devices usually comes with a series of guarantees or additional cover. For example, with the card Visa&Go from CaixaBank there are a number of advantages that come with using it:

  • You can manage the card using the mobile app: The app can be used to activate or, should you lose the card, deactivate it.
  • You can also stagger payments in monthly amounts: Good news! This card lets you make purchases and pay in instalments without needing to go through additional procedures. Simply use it
  • No usage fee if you spend between €25 and €600 or more per year.
  • Anti-theft and fraud protection to guard against all eventualities.
  • Over 9600 ATMs in Spain where you can withdraw money from your CaixaBank account commission-free.

There are many more contactless cards out there, but this is the one I tend to use for my shopping, it is the one I know most and which offers the best guarantees.

Are contactless payments safe?

The fact that positioning a device or card nearby a POS terminal brings about a transaction might seem a little unsafe to some users. To address these fears HolaBank, with its Visa&Go card, has set up a buyer protection system to ensure purchases with guaranteed security. When shopping with your card, you will enjoy the security of CaixaBankProtect®

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September 2nd 2019, 14:11

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