Córdoba and the Mezquita

Cordoba is well worth the time for a visit.


In the 11th century it was one of the most important capitals in Europe, a peaceful and dynamic blending of different worlds, Jews, Muslims and Christian living together. Nowadays a lively Andalucian city famous for the Mezquita – the Moorish Mosque.

British author Gerald Brenan called this impressive Arabian mosque, the third-biggest in the world with an extension of 23.000 square meters, the most beautiful and original building of all Spain. When the Christians re-conquered Cordoba in 1236, they consecrated the mosque to be the Christian cathedral.

In 1523 the Catholic Church and King Charles V. began, although against the will of the town’s administration, to build a Christian cathedral inside of the original mosque. Works took 234 years, so the original Gothic style is combined with Baroque and Renaissance elements.

More information: https://mezquita-catedraldecordoba.es

La Judería

In the Jewish quarter, which dates back to Roman times, you can find a synagogue dating back to 1315. Close by there is the bullfight museum.

More information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juder%C3%ADa_de_C%C3%B3rdoba

Museums & The Palace of Viana

Cordoba has a selection of museums to visit including:

  • The Bullfight Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Museum of Arts
  • Museum of Julio Romero de Torres

The Palace of Viana has an extraordinary collection of furniture, tapestries, porcelains, ceramics and paintings. The building itself has 14 courtyards and beautiful gardens.

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