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On Enric Granados, one of Barcelona’s most attractive streets, you’ll find the charming shop Cup & Cake. The store has a sophisticated, inviting look  – white wooden framework around the generous front window and door, stenciled gold lettering and a visible display of pretty cupcakes arranged just so on an eclectic collection  of platters and trays.

cup and cake Barcelona

The almost modest décor – all creamy white, wood and rattan is obviously to let the clear star of the place shine – the cupcakes. We patiently waited before we were able to sit (on stools all the chairs were taken) noticing that there is definitely room for improvement in the seating department. But on to the coffee… we were happily surprised when the cappuccinos placed in front of us looked fantastic! Latte art and all… and they were good, real good – thoroughly enjoyed!

I would say even more than the cupcakes which were a bit too sweet for me to taste the different flavors.

The texture however very spongy and moist, very nice. And back to the coffee, it was prepared by a trained barista – and so confirmed on their website, professionally using a small one group – machine. Their beans are provided by El Magnífico and it’s advertised as being organic – it’s one of the few I’ve liked by them, it’s not as dark roasted as usual.

I have been back to this place solely for the coffee – it’s been consistently good and only slightly disappointing on one occasion but the barista made no faces when I returned the espresso – he thoroughly cleaned and purged the machine and prepared another one – problem solved. Highly recommended coffee in an ideal location!

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