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When I first came to Spain and finally got settled in (i.e., after a few months), the adventure of making the most of my time in this country began. I was living, unlike many of my colleagues who write for this blog, in Barcelona. And that’s one city with a never-ending selection of activities and opportunities.

It was by chance that, once I had opened a bank account at HolaBank (by CaixaBank) I discovered that just for being a client I had access to a huge range of quality products and services at affordable prices through the bank’s Club. For some time now, the Hola Bank Club has been offering its customers the chance of new experiences through its products, and as if that wasn’t enough, they also offer the opportunity to easily purchase goods and services.


Offers and discounts on almost everything


Perhaps the offers that were most useful to me have been the discounts for hotels because I’ve moved around quite a bit, but there are many other sectors that offer plenty of benefits: Boutique, home, technology, cars, food, training and culture, restaurants, sports, free time, gifts, kids, babies….

To provide more detailed information, below are the specifics of what I was offered. Some of them might interest you (although they’re always adding new offers, etc).

  • On travel, they offer discounts from 4% – 30% on reservations for hotels, products and services.
  • Fashion for us, kids, perfume and cosmetics, accessories and jewellery from €4 and discounts from 4% – 70%.
  • As for the home, there is a wide range of products such as electrical appliances, food, furniture, amongst other things, with discounts from 5 to 70%.
  • On technology, including computers with a 5% discount and TVs with a 25% discount.
  • Car servicing, car rental, GPS services…from 3% to 25% discounts.
  • On gourmet food products, discounts from 10% up to 40% on wines, cheese and fish, for example.
  • There are also discounts available on courses, masters, and magazine subscriptions, which range from 10% up to 50%.
  • Restaurants, which I also frequent, feature reservations from €1.30 and discounts of 6% -30%. Depending on the restaurant and the number of times you eat lunch or dinner, this is a fantastic saving.
  • Sports, footwear, sports clothes, from 4% refunds to 40% discounts.
  • There are offers on books, package holidays, and films from 4%.
  • Everything for kids and babies features refunds starting at 4%, along with discounts of 10% in shoes, clothes and accessories.


All in all, if you become a client of HolaBank and begin to take advantage of the offers, you’ll be getting a good deal. You just have to keep your eyes peeled and know how to take advantage of the discounts or refunds on offer.

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September 2nd 2019, 14:04

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