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It’s been a few months now since my life changed completely. After many years at a multinational in the food sector I had the opportunity to progress my career when I was offered a role with more responsibility, albeit in a different location. This was to be be Spain, and I had very little time to decide.

Truthfully, being single and not having kids, the prospect of a change didn’t bother me too much. For me, it was a new adventure in a country that I was keen to experience and one where everyone said the lifestyle is good.

I made the change quickly and tried to get settled in my new city as soon as possible, but several problems confronted me at once. Months after the move, I’m able to confirm that these are the same problems affecting most ex-pats. But one of these issues hit me harder than the others.

As my life in my adopted city with my new role took up a lot of my time, I had to find someone to help around the house to keep it neat and tidy. So, I found a girl and she started coming to the house. This is how it was for a month and a half. I wasn’t overly satisfied but things were getting done. One day I had to leave her alone while I went on an errand and you can imagine the rest.

So, I decided not to make any more mistakes and hire a professional domestic staff agency. And without even knowing it, my own bank put the solution on a plate for me. HolaBank, through their HolaBank Club, allows me three free staff help hours and I can also benefit from an agency specialising in domestic staff at very reasonable rates.

Now my problems are over. Finding someone competent at housekeeping is often difficult even in our countries of origin, never mind in a country where you don’t know anyone. I think its one of the best decisions I have made because it gives me peace of mind knowing that the person coming to my home is supervised by professionals. What’s more, from that day forward, I began to explore what else HolaBank could provide and I discovered lots of services and offers for ex-pats who plan to spend some time in Spain. My compliments on the initiative HolaBank!

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September 2nd 2019, 13:31

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