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Being a foreigner is not exactly easy. No matter how welcoming the country is, you will always have more difficulties than a native, for example due to language difficulties. However, the experience I have had in Spain has shown me that there are countries that offer something different: a real effort in order for the foreigner to feel at home.

However, even though it is a very open country, the banks here are quite traditional and, with exception to CaixaBank, the rest have not proven to me that they make a real effort to make life easier for immigrants.


The Living Solutions account

The Living Solutions account is the perfect example that there is a type of bank in Spain that strives to show an integrating attitude. This account, in my opinion, shows that it is possible to have a different type of banking that benefits both the bank and the client. The client benefits from great financial advantages, the bank benefits from more operational capital. Something as simple as foreign money is something attractive, it’s something that few Spanish banks seem to have seen. At CaixaBank, they have perfectly understood how to please non-natives.

In the first place, the service is based on offering things as simple as the possibility of accessing a trusted “handyman, a domestic employee or a lawyer who speaks your language.

Secondly, the Living Solutions account offers very attractive financial advantages:

  • Immediate access to online banking: the Línea Abierta application is great to see what is happening with your money at all times. In addition, they have updated it very recently (with a design that recalls the simplicity of Paypal) and modernised it, in order to be able to perform operations with greater agility.
  • Membership in the HolaBank club, a system that, as I have explained previously, makes life a lot easier for you, but above all gives you security.
  • Access to both debit and credit cards are free for the owner and a beneficiary . Added to the fact that all of them arecontacless and that, of course, you can use CaixaBank Pay, one of the best options in the market to pay with your mobile.

The best advantage is not financial

Although I wanted to emphasise in this post about the financial advantages I want to point out that the best advantage is not financial. At least, according to my experience. The best advantage is that they speak your language. This may seem somewhat unworthy, but it is the best without a doubt. It is useless to have enormous financial advantages if the staff that attends you does not know how to explain them. I can tell you a little, but I’m not a banker or a lawyer, I do not explain the fine print, but they do, and in your language!

As you can see, in conclusion, CaixaBank is a very modern bank, I do not regret being a customer, so I always recommend it. You have to be grateful to those who care about us.

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