Handyman service for expatriates

When you live in a country other than your own, whether it be short term or for a longer period, each day is full of ‘new adventures’. This means situations that occur for the first time in your adopted country which, often, you don’t know how to deal with. The doubts you may have about taking the next step are usually resolved by talking with friends and colleagues or searching the internet.

One of these typical moments is when we have a mishap in the home. It could be that one day, for example, suddenly you have a water leak and need to act quickly. But how do you act quickly when you don’t know the first step to take?

Normally, you have house insurance that will allow you to hire a professional to deal with the problem.

But what if your home is in need of a series of maintenance tasks that aren’t exactly urgent, and not covered by your insurance? This could happen, for example, if you need to put up some shelves or any other DIY task. Perhaps you don’t have the required knowledge, necessary strength or the proper tools. The home requires plenty of work like this and if we are alone in another country, we need someone to help out. It was at this moment that I discovered the HolaBank handyman service.


How do I access the Handyman Service?

First, you must be a customer of HolaBank, one of the main banks in Spain (CaixaBank) and request the handyman service by clicking on this link.

The handyman service from Club HolaBank allows you to take advantage of special rates for hiring guaranteed professionals to take care of those pesky DIY tasks. They give you up to three hours free per year to carry out those simple jobs in your home.

So now you know, I discovered HolaBank and I realised that it is more than a bank; it’s a complete solution for my stay abroad. Did you know about them?

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