Health insurances in Spain

Health insurance is a must for any adult with a family, given that at any moment a member of your family could suffer an unforeseen illness or the misfortune of an accident.

Which is why, in light of these risks, your best option is to have good health insurance, such as that offered by  CaixaBank in collaboration with Adeslas, one of Spain’s leading health sector companies. Having this kind of company at your disposal is a real asset, as when you’re a foreigner in a country where you don’t speak the language, what you need is a direct way of getting appropriate care and avoiding any potential obstacles or pitfalls.

Adeslas Basic Family

With this policy, from €14.50 per month, you can choose your preferred specialist (from among 43,000 professionals) at your preferred location (from 1150 medical centres), and also decide when you will receive the care in question.

Among the services covered by this policy, you are provided with Primary Care (which includes paediatrics, general medicine and a nursing service), surgery and specialist medicine (encompassing cardiology, neurology, urology and thoracic surgery among many others) the use of diagnostic tools (such as electros or clinical analysis within certain others) psychology, childbirth preparation, podiatry and a call service.

Full Health Insurance

As part of this policy, (as well as your choice of medical centre, etc…) you are entitled to medical and surgical care for an indefinite number of days as well as a bed for a companion, from €47 per month.
The services on offer are, (apart from those detailed in the previous policy), ambulance and hospital emergencies and overseas health assistance up to a value of €12,000/ year, 50% reimbursement coverage up to €500 for rehabilitation and physiotherapy medical expenses, 50% reimbursement coverage up to €200 for podiatry medical expenses as well as a telephone medical service and psychology among a wide variety of other high-quality services.

This policy offers more services than the basic plan as well as the major advantage of reimbursements and overseas health assistance meaning you’ll have no concerns whatsoever when it comes to travelling, as with this high-quality plan you’re always covered on the event of any emergency no matter how serious it is. Despite including co-payments, this policy remains a great deal thanks to its comprehensive nature and competitive price.

Full Health Insurance Plus

From €60 per month, this policy offers the same range of choices as the one described above as well as indefinite medical and surgical care.

This policy includes more services than its predecessors, such as bone marrow and corneal transplants, complete coverage for congenital illnesses affecting new-borns, childbirth preparation, medication during chemotherapy and intraocular lenses as part of cataract surgery, as well as all the services provided as part of the previous policies and various others which can only be found as part of this policy.

A major advantage of this policy is that it does not require any form of co-payment, making it an irresistible offer as not only does it include all services, but it is also extremely good value.
The availability of such versatile and comprehensive offers is a great comfort, you’ll genuinely feel safer, and all the more so as the customer service is so direct and transparent, meaning that any medical emergency can be handled with total peace of mind, all thanks to the policies provided by CaixaBank and Adeslas.

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