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When it comes to buying a home and moving, there are a few important points to consider. The distance, the quantity of goods you own, and above all, the price of the removals service and the extra costs that may be incurred at the last minute. Moving home is the ideal time to spring clean and get rid of all that junk you neither need or use. But when you can’t find the right removals company,  it’s time to have a chat with HolaBank Club National and International Removals.

I moved to Madrid with my family a couple of months ago due to work requirements. When I decided to move home it wasn’t easy because all the removals companies I could find had a long list of arrangements to make that just took too long. Besides that, I own enough to fill two or three removals vans, meaning the cost per kilometre was extortionate.

After a friend of mine told me about HolaBank I researched the products and services on offer at HolaBank Club: a service in partnership with Grupo Amygo that really helped me out with my new situation, offering me a free consultation and payment plans that included an 8% discount.

But what is Grupo Amygo?

It’s the first Spanish company made up of world renowned and trusted international removals businesses specialising in international and national removals, as well as removals to the Canary Islands.  Covering all five continents and able to offer a service of outstanding quality, they have their own branches and furniture warehouses in all major Spanish cities, a fleet of vans, outdoor lifting cranes, the most advanced management system on the market, and expert staff to package and handle all removals. This is what I managed to find out back then, but to be honest they fully met all expectations.

To request a quote, I went to www.grupoamygo.com. On the right of the website there is a form where you can type your details, i.e. name, email, address, billing preferences and type of removals required. When you submit the form, they’ll send you all the information relevant to your chosen removals service along with the corresponding prices. At the bottom of the page you can also access the “Request quote” option, where you can enter details of the goods to be transported. Thanks to Holabank Club in association with Grupo Amygo, I was able to successfully move all of my belongings, quickly and securely. Their level of professionalism is outstanding. I thoroughly recommend them!!!!.

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September 2nd 2019, 14:05

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