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A little while ago, my partner and I moved to Malaga (Spain) with a view to opening a small marketing business. In order to manage my expenses, and for employment purposes, someone recommended opening an account with CaixaBank, one of the country’s most secure organisations with one of its best banking services.

At the time I decided to open an account, I didn’t know which type would best suit my needs. While looking at the various possibilities, I came across the Living Solutions Account by HolaBank, Caixabank’s specialist division for expatriates. It is a current account with no fees, no minimum deposit amount and it allows you to make up to 24 transfers in Euro to accounts in the European Union for free.

In addition, there is a host of products and services such as unlimited cheque deposits via any method you wish, account maintenance included and a card for the account holder as well as an additional one for the beneficiary.

But one of the things that surprised me most were the benefits aimed at expatriates who have to travel for work or foreigners who want to retire in Spain. These benefits are quite varied and are extremely useful for someone who arrives in a new country and doesn’t yet know how things work.

The advantages are almost too many to list, but here are the ones that have been most helpful to me:

  • Assistance and home maintenance (from a water leak, to a short-circuit, to a renovation or painting of a bathroom, living room or child’s bedroom).
  • Home emergencies (plumbing, windows, locks, electricity).
  • Handyman services (allows you to enjoy special rates when hiring guaranteed professionals to carry out whatever DIY projects the home may need).
  • Search for employees in the home (cleaning, washing and ironing, cooking, supervision, domestics).
  • National and international moving with a discount of up to 8%.
  • Basic services.
  • Key detector (key-chain that allows you to locate your key if misplaced)
  • Medical advice via telephone
  • Online veterinary assistance
  • Telepharmacy
  • Administrative agency
  • Online translation and interpretation
  • Discount club

There are many others, but for me, the most important ones are those I have mentioned. Without Holabank, I think that my arrival in Malaga would have been much more difficult.


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