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Many countries seem to have witnessed a recent increase in civil unrest. If you’re thinking of travelling to Spain, you’re in luck, as it isn’t one of those countries. One of the things that can weigh on an expat’s mind when moving to another country is how safe the destination is, which is even more so the case when travelling with family.

Spain is located among some of the safest countries in the world. It is a country where, thanks to the climate, people spend a lot of time out in the street right throughout the year. This means that the streets are relatively safe places to be. But if a lot of people are outside socialising then this leaves a lot of houses and apartments empty for long periods of the day. And thieves are all too well aware of this.

Between 2007 and 2017 burglaries increased by 70%. This has made the sight of homes fitted with alarm systems, such as Securitas Direct, all the more common. Protecting your home from intrusion is becoming a common concern for Spaniards, irrespective of whether they live in apartments or houses. For this reason, alarm systems have become ever more sophisticated and now come with complimentary features, in addition to the security of the alarm itself.

For instance, with the use of an app these features enable things like information on any cuts to the electricity supply, long-distance photographs with the use of photo-detectors that are built in to your home and even information on the temperature and quality of the air as well as the detection of possible fires via smoke detectors. One of the most recent advances is the Zerovision device, which fills a space with smoke when an intrusion is detected to prevent thieves from being able to move around easily.

I’m one of those people who fits a new security system as soon as I move house, this is because I travel with my family and for me being able to sleep easily is absolutely crucial. I turn it on at night and immediately feel safer. I’ve always thought that alarms are a real obstacle for a thief and a guarantee for my family and our possessions.

What’s more, it’s now easier to pay for a security system to be installed and all for a minimal monthly cost. I wouldn’t even think twice.  My safety and that of my family are worth much more than a small monthly amount.

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October 29th 2019, 18:51

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