Homeschooling your Pre-Schooler

If you are planning to move to a new country, there may be limited options for preschool available immediately, or you may feel like there have been so many transitions recently that it is best to wait a bit before throwing your child into a new school environment as well. If you have never homeschooled before, the proposition may seem a little overwhelming. There are advantages and disadvantages to taking the homeschooling approach with your little ones.

No Rush

While in the US and Great Britain there is a big academic push in the pre-school years to learn to read and write, in other countries the approach is much more laid back. This means your child will not be far behind if they wait or take a break from pre-school for a while. A transition period with Mom or Dad might make it easier for your child to adapt to a very new situation.

Many Resources Available

If you are new to homeschooling or never considered it before, you don’t need to be too overwhelmed. There are a ton of great resources available over the web for free or for just a small fee. Focus on play-based learning and don’t push your child too much. Plan on a few small activities each day, combine with arts and crafts and hands on learning, for example have a letter of the week. You can make arts and crafts projects about the letter. You can search different rooms in your house for things beginning with that letter.

Hard to Make Friends

If your child is used to going to pre-school and suddenly finds himself or herself home with Mom or Dad all day, they may be overwhelmed by the lack of interaction. Their parents don’t want to play all the time, like friends do. Enrolling in a few hours of preschool each week can be a useful way for your children to have interaction with their peers. If you homeschool, reach out to other expats in your area with children of a similar age. Try to join some play groups or activities near-by and let your child interact without too much parental interference. You will need to make a bit of an effort in this department if you decide to homeschool.

Language Learning Disadvantage

If your child doesn’t speak the language in your new country, they are missing out on having an emersion experience that is scary, but very efficient! The younger your child is, the easier they will have to pick up the new language. If your child is not getting exposed too much of the new language, investing in language lessons may not be the most important at this phase. You can try to listen to some songs in the new language and try to find some friends whose children only speak the new language to help them learn in a positive and less stressful way.

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