How do you take out car insurance in Spain?

My name is Diego. I arrived in Spain a couple of months ago from Florence with a group of friends to produce a story on the San Fermín festival, held in Pamplona from the 6th to the 14th of July.

The trip to Spain was by car and along the way, we made stops in various places such as Monaco, Nimes and Toulouse before we reached Pamplona. The total trip time was a little more than 18 hours, but all in all, I have to say it was a pleasant journey. Although our story was focused mainly on Pamplona, our aim was to cover large sections of Spain and Portugal, time permitting, so that we could experience the food and customs.

However, to accomplish this feat, we would need a vehicle that would allow us to move around safely. My friends and I decided on my car, an SUV, which could provide more protection in the event of an accident. I had to renew my insurance and, bearing in mind the complicated trip awaiting us, I wanted to take out protection with sufficient guarantees. It would be a complex journey between various countries and my friends and I would have to take it seriously.


Caixabank car insurance: Travel safely and efficiently

Before telling you about my experience with HolaBank, I have to mention that to be able to drive in Spain, as in most countries, having liability insurance is required by law.

In the last few years HolaBank (of the CaixaBank group) has introduced a series of measures designed to make the expatriate feel comfortable with their products and services and, above all, allow them to sign up using their native language. I was researching and comparing the various insurance options when I discovered the range of advantages provided by HolaBank vehicle insurance compared to an insurer.

The first of these is the option to choose your repair shop. At the time, this gave me enough freedom to be able to travel around Spain.

They also promise assistance in less than an hour, something that I thankfully didn’t have to experience as we didn’t have any mishaps.

Holabank also offers you various payment methods, which is an important feature for any foreigner that takes out the service. In my case, having to face a trip with quite a few expenses, this was an opportunity for extra funding.

Ultimately, it was very easy for me to take out the insurance, since I was catered to in my own language and I was provided enough guarantees to make my trip with peace of mind. My friends and I could dedicate ourselves to having fun producing the story, which was, after all, the main objective.

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September 2nd 2019, 14:01

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