What should we expect from a Barcelona apartment

Apartment hunting for a Barcelona apartment might seem to some people to be a very tedious, nerve racking task but that does not have to be so. Being as Barcelona is such a large city, the selection we can have at our fingertips of Barcelona apartment is incredible. There are many centrally situated ones, the dimensions can vary greatly and the range in price can be found to satisfy everyone´s economical needs. Let´s have a look at how we can find our home away from home.

Where To Look For A Barcelona Apartment

The perfect apartment in Barcelona is waiting for you. Rent apartment in Barcelona can mean living among a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Many of the Barcelona apartments are located in trendy areas like near the Ramblas (garden promenade leading to the port) or near the Catalunya Square with its chic boutiques.

Being within walking distance of your daily activities can make everyday a learning experience, as if you were leisurely touring. Or if you prefer something smaller, a little further outside of the city, there is no problem because the public transport in Barcelona is fantastic and can get you to where you want to be in no time.

The Perfect Apartment In Barcelona

If we look around correctly we can find that:

  • there are rent apartment in Barcelona available from 3 days and on.
  • usually have enough sleeping space for 1 to 6 people but bigger apartments can be found.
  • for two people, in a small apartment, approximately 70 Euros a day.
  • sofa bed may be one of the sleeping options.
  • usually cots available.
  • are almost always checked and well kept.
  • various Barcelona apartments can be found together on the same floor or in same building to give privacy but to maintain a group or family united.

We can enjoy the luxury of a good hotel but keeping your independence by having chosen to rent a Barcelona apartment.

Some spanish sites to check:

  • idealista.com
  • milanuncios.com
  • wimdu.es
  • habitaclia.com
  • fotocasa.es
  • enalquiler.com
  • niumba.com
  • pisos.com

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