Medical insurance for expats in Spain

According to a study by Globally Mobile Individuals, half of expatriates do not have health insurance from the companies that have displaced them.

The reality is that every time work has become a more international experience and that brings with it a series of advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are being able to access a huge labor market, but one of the disadvantages is that, on occasion, it can mean a very big change in culture and customs.

Being an expatriate is not easy and there are many aspects that one has to take into account before leaving for their destination. One of them is everything related to health. But if your destiny is Spain and you are European, you have it much easier.

Obtaining health insurance in Spain will be much easier than you think, as long as you choose a good option.

Although in the European Community there are some international agreements for health coverage through the European health card, it is true that you may encounter certain difficulties and disadvantages. The assistance of your country of origin is not always of the same quality as that of the destination country, so obtaining medical insurance is an important variable to take into account if you want to avoid surprises.

In our case we always recommend a product that is adapted to the expatriate and this is the case of Adeslas Plena Plus, a health insurance plan for expatriates in Spain that is offered through HolaBank (the value proposal of CaixaBank for the expatriate in Spain).

This type of insurance allows you to be fully covered, without co-payments and without surprises. 44,000 professionals and 1,150 medical centers without having to wait in long lines, with hospital care without a limit of days and with a companion bed, among other things.

In addition, there are many coverages that you can consult on their website. Anyway, if you want, you have other modalities of this same company with lower coverage and with a very competitive price. We believe that it is advisable to obtain full coverage for the first year because it is the year in which you will feel the most helpless in your new destination.

In addition, you can become a HolaBank client from your place of residence and, with your help and in your own language, you can contract the health insurance in Spain that best suits your needs in a very easy way and in advance of your trip.

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September 2nd 2019, 13:37

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