Mobile card payments in Spain

Summer is the time to get moving. From one place to another, leaving work behind, we change everything about ourselves, from our clothes to our routines, and opt for a much simpler way of life.

Summer in Spain is different, and the beach destinations in particular are spectacular. Those of us who have been living here for years and have gotten used to its customs know that there’s no way we could go back without missing the place. In summer we live outdoors and we like to bring as little with us as possible. This is why I want to talk to you about the possibilities available in this country for mobile payments.

Spain is a country that has quite advanced mobile technology. Remember that Barcelona hosts the biggest exhibition of mobile technology in the world, the Mobile World Congress.

Today, bank customers can pay via a host of systems to which businesses are quickly adapting. Let’s see how I use each of them:

Credit card

This is the typical credit card that everyone is familiar with. In my case, in winter it suits me perfectly because I keep it with my important documents (ID, driver’s licence, etc.) But in summer, it’s better if I can leave it at home. I don’t usually bring a bag and if I carry it in my pocket I’m always afraid of losing or breaking it. In any case, it gives me the security of being able to withdraw money from ATMs (HolaBank has more than 9,600 all over Spain) whenever I want.

Credit Card with deferred payment

This card works well for me because it allows me to make purchases and decide each month how much I’d like to pay. It also has no fees for the first year and allows me to withdraw money from ATMs. With this card I have purchased trips and then repaid via monthly payments, which I would not have been able to do without this option.

Mobile app

This is one of the payment options I like most. With an app I downloaded to my mobile, I’m able to carry out whatever transactions I need as well as being able to pay at many POS that businesses operate in Spain. Now, in summer, I usually only bring keys and my mobile, so this option is perfect for when I want to step out for a while or want to bring as little as possible. The majority of POS already accept payment just by bringing your mobile close to the machine.

Contactless wristband

For me, this is the payment revolution of recent times. A band that I wear on my wrist allows me to carry out any transaction at a POS just by bringing it closer. Its perfect for when I want to go to the beach and want to bring just the essentials. I can even bring it with me when I swim in the sea because water doesn’t damage it. In summer I usually go running and play sports outdoors. I much prefer it that going out in winter so with this on my wrist I can avoid bringing anything else and I am secure in the knowledge that I can use it just as if it were a normal card. Plus, they look really cool because they come in different colours. These are the contactless wristbands from HolaBank that I get for free with no monthly cost.

Mobile card payments in Spain

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