Online Banking in Spain

If you’re planning to travel for an extended period of time to anywhere in Spain, then one of the first things to get ticked off your to-do list is opening a bank account.

But before you set off to open your account, I’d like to remind you of what I consider to be the two main issues to bear in mind. These are the two fundamental pieces of advice that will help you choose the right financial institution to open your account in Spain.


Always look for a stable entity, one that offers guarantees and has a good client base. There are entities which, besides this, direct a large part of their business to expatriates, as in the case of HolaBank. This brand, owned by CaixaBank, one of the largest banking entities in Spain, offers products tailored to foreigners who will be spending some time in Spain. What’s more, you’re in luck because all communications with them are carried out in your own language, and you’ll also have access to a wide range of benefits and special offers when you sign up as a member of the Club HolaBank.



For me, one of the main perks a bank can offer is online banking. Nowadays, it is essential to be able to deal with the bank from your laptop or mobile phone, and that’s why I’ve always opted for banks that provide excellent online banking facilities.

In the case of HolaBank, for example, their online banking is the best as far as I’m concerned. It’s super simple to use, and also delivers detailed information on all of your operations, giving you complete control of your finances. Here’s a video that explains all the information you’ll have access to:

You can also complete all operations from your mobile: check your accounts, make transfers, take out insurance, pay using your mobile phone…The freedom I get from having such comprehensive online banking services has saved me plenty of trips to a physical branch, as well as to my laptop.

I remember I first came across the app mentioned in a press release, while I was searching for the best online banks in the world. This press release said that ‘The CaixaBank app is recognised on a worldwide level as the most innovative way of relating to customers and offering the best user experience in 2018“.

Over time I’ve seen how the service has evolved day by day, leaving many other online banking apps in the shade. So in the meantime, I have no plans to change.

And what about you, what other apps have you tried?

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