Opening a bank account in Spain

In this post we will talk about one of the first and most important tasks that an expatriate has to take care of when in a new country: opening a bank account in Spain. This process may seem easy but is, in fact, something that should be thought about carefully, because the bank with which we open an account is probably the bank that we will stay with for quite some time during our foreign adventure.

In this case, we would like to talk about the non-resident bank account that has impressed us most: HolaBank. This brand belongs to CaixaBank, one of the biggest financial institutions in Spain. HolaBank has 375,000 foriegn customers, who generate a turnover of €6 billion. So, we’re talking about a bank with total guarantees.

But the most important thing is that HolaBank not only offers foreign residents pure and simple banking products, but also a wide range of advisory services and specialised support in banking matters via five options:

Opening a bank account in Spain

Like any bank, HolaBank offers its customers the option to open and maintain a bank account, through the Living Solutions programme. Living Solutions has a series of bank account features that make using your money abroad easy, as well as making it available in different currencies.


Credit/Debit cards

This one of the biggest issues we all face when visiting a foreign country. Will our bank card work? Call we make any kind of purchase? Will we have problems if our original bank notices unusual activity?

In this area, CaixaBank offers foreigners in Spain a special credit and debit card service that can be used at any time. And most importantly, they are valid in 14 million establishments worldwide.


Buying a home in your adopted country is a step that many foreigners take, especially if they are facing a new stage of their professional life or even retirement. HolaBank advises you throughout the process and offers a host of added value such as assistance in the language of the customer, ideal in such a complicated procedure.


Being covered in any unexpected event when living abroad is another essential part of being an expatriate.  Knowing that at any time someone will respond to an issue with your home, your health or your vehicle… and that the response of your institution is reliable and assured is paramount. HolaBank offers a range of insurance adapted to the needs of expatriates.

HolaBank Club

HolaBank Club represents a range of added value (an impressive list of services) which you can avail of just by being a customer of the bank. From plumbers, to translators, to domestic help, international moves…


For us, HolaBank is one of the most reliable institutions in Spain and its account, is undoubtedly, the number one financial product for the expatriate. If I were you I wouldn’t think twice.


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