Private health insurance in Spain

When I first came to this country people told me that it was important to have private health insurance in Spain. I couldn’t quite understand this because I had always heard that the public health care system (which is funded by mandatory contributions by workers for the benefit of all of society) worked very well.

In fact, after having spent some time in this country, this is what I think about healthcare: for very serious illnesses there is no better option than the public system, however, for every other ailment, it’s always better to have private care. Let me tell you why.


Public healthcare in Spain

This country has a very sophisticated public healthcare system. But it’s less helpful when you have some symptom or pain that isn’t urgent. In other words, if one day you feel under the weather, you can go to a primary care centre (these are health centres located all around the country). Here, a general practitioner (not specialising in a particular field) will meet you and assess your symptoms. If you need any kind of simple test (radiography, blood test, etc.) you can have this done quite quickly, but if you need another more involved test or procedure… get ready to wait. And for me, when I feel sick, I don’t like waiting. This is why I decided to take out private insurance.


Private health insurance in Spain

As I’ve already said, I think it’s essential, if you can afford it. All the same, they aren’t too expensive. For the same as what you’d pay for a meal you could have health insurance for a month. I often suffer from headaches. When I get a symptom, I just visit a doctor that I select from a long list of specialists. By contrast, in the public system I’m assigned the doctor that is closest to me. My particular plan is Adeslas Plena health insurance which allows me to choose between over 43,000 specialists.  In addition, this plan covers me for the almost all contingencies, up to and including a stay in hospital. In our case, it also always important that our plan includes care while abroad (some don’t) and this one does. So, whenever I visit my country, I have the peace of mind that I’m still covered by my plan.


This is my opinion and recommendations on healthcare in Spain now that I’ve spent some time here. It’s important to remember that for this type of service you should be able to count on a reliable company, and, in my case, I took out my policy through HolaBank because they offered me the best level of cover in case of any unforeseen events.

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December 13th 2019, 15:24

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