A Spanish credit card

One of the problems you may encounter when travelling to another country is  that you may face issues with using your credit card for payments and purchases.

Security issues related to credit cards mean they can be blocked from payments purely as a preventative measure. I’ll give you an example that happened to me: once I had arrived in Spain, I had to make several urgent purchases of things I had forgotten or hadn’t been able to bring with me. When I wanted to check out of a Spanish online store, my card was identified as foreign and blocked, having been considered stolen. I wasn’t able to make my purchases. That’s why I always recommend that one of the first things you do is sign up for a Spanish credit card as soon as possible.

In my case, I wanted a card that didn’t have fees, because I didn’t know how long I would need it for. I signed up at HolaBank and opted for the Visa&Pay card. It had no fees, is guaranteed to be accepted in other countries, I was offered extra fraud protection on the card, and one of the coolest things was that I could “virtualise” the card and pay with my mobile phone. This meant that I always had a handy way to pay in those first few days when I was moving around a lot, sorting out my arrival in this new country.

This card also allowed me to make my purchases more flexible. The first few months are a deluge of bills to pay and unforeseen expenses, making it a great help that, with this Spanish credit card, I could decide whether to immediately clear the outstanding balance of my purchases, or defer payment, or even set a fixed sum to regularly pay off the minimum amount.

Take a look at this video demonstrating the mobile payment system which, although in Spanish, will give you an idea of how to use the app on your phone.

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March 3rd 2019, 19:25

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