Taking out insurance in Spain is by no means straightforward

When beginning the adventure of moving from one country to another your to-do list can quickly seem almost endless. There are the urgent tasks and those which can wait a while but the important thing is being able to distinguish between the two groups.

For an expat there are two important aspects: simplicity and safety. In other words, it is important for any changes to be easy and for them to be as safe or guaranteed as possible.

The Spanish insurance market offers a dizzying array of possibilities, deals and types of insurance, some of which are a more questionable than others. There are large international companies and local ones all with their best offers. But there’s one which I’d like to highlight for a variety of reasons: that being the insurance offered as part of MyBox. This is an absolutely ingenious way of taking out insurance. You’re simply given a bundle of home, life and car insurance with a monthly quote which remains the same for three years (and offers great value for money) plus, in each case, there are certain exclusive forms of coverage which create an even more comprehensive package.

The first thing I really like about the format is how reliable it is, because it’s provided by one of Spain’s leading banks, CaixaBank. What’s more, nothing could be more straightforward and convenient than being able to take out three forms of insurance all at once with the same institution.

I’ve heard it all when it comes to insurance, from car insurance that when you have an accident and need to repair the car you run into problems at the garage because the insurance only covers certain kinds of damage, or problems with home insurance when the company surveyor turns up and tells you that your insurance doesn’t cover the problem… a thousand and one stories which I could tell until the cows come home. The fact is that I’ve never met anyone with a bad word to say about CaixaBank, and I find that very reassuring. I’m sure it’s not the cheapest insurance that you can find on the market but all the same I feel much safer in a foreign country knowing that I have it.

The choice is yours, but remember peace of mind is key.

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September 2nd 2019, 13:31

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