Perhaps one of Spain’s most romantic places off the beaten track, Teruel can make for a memorable destination wedding.  It is located in the deep south of Aragón, and it has managed to maintain an atmosphere all its own.  It is best known for its Mudéjar architecture, overwhelming Moorish flavour, medieval belfries, and magnificent cathedrals.  Its kaleidoscope of colorful tiles and inlaid stones evokes the encounter of Islamic tradition and European Gothic styles making a great backdrop for your wedding in Spain.

Romantic Teruel

But what Spaniards cherish most of Teruel is a romantic legend that dates from the 13th century: the lovers of Teruel. It is the story of the impossible love between Isabel, the daughter of a wealthy family, and Diego, the son of a modest family. Without a fortune to offer her, he persuaded Isabel’s family to give him time to build a fortune, and return to claim her hand. But he returned after the agreed date, and Isabel had married a rich nobleman. In despair, Diego managed to sneak in to see Isabel, and asked her for a last kiss. She refused to kiss him, being a married woman, and the pain of rejection killed Diego. At Diego’s funeral, Isabel, dressed as a bride, determined to give him the kiss she had denied him, she held him in her arms and kissed him, and died herself. An alabaster monument in the church of San Pedro marks the site where the eternal lovers were buried together.

Rural tourism has become very popular in Spain, and this is one of the best places to experience it. Why not plan an open air wedding in Teruel?  Stroll along the many rural neighbourhoods around Teruel, like Aldehuela, with its baroque 18th century church of San Miguel and its beautiful fountain, or Tortajada, with its 17th century church of San Andrés, where the river Alfambra meets a calm lake. Beautiful landscapes and charming inns will be ideal venues for your wedding reception in Teruel, making it one the most romantic experiences of your life.

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November 26th 2019, 11:05

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