Traffic laws in Spain

Changes in traffic laws aim to reduce the complexity of traffic regulations in Spain.

Last changes to the Spanish Traffic Laws

Update of violations and penalties

From now, the browser program while driving or illegible circular with registration will be considered serious offenses. And also, from now on, cycling at night without reflective elements without using the lighting regulations are petty offenses.

Furthermore, it unifies the amount of traffic fines, regardless of where the offense and the agency that imposed.
The minor infringements will be up to 200€ serious and very serious 500€. It also simplifies the fines for speeding.

More clarity on time

With the new law, the offender shall, within 20 calendar days of notification to pay the fine or make allegations. If you pay, you will get a discount of 50 percent of the amount of the penalty. In this case, the procedure ends and no claims may be made or resources.

Communicate who leads the Driver ID now be faster and more effective because it can be made online.

Internet service driver

Created is the Vial Email Address (DEV). If the driver so wishes may replace your address by mail.
From that time will receive an e-mail and on your mobile phone notifications of violations.

In addition, he may receive the same via the notice of his license revocation driving your points balance or any information relating to your vehicle.

Another novelty is the Sanctions Board Traffic Edictral (TESTRA), which replaces the traditional official gazettes. In this board, that you access through the website of the DGT, will be able to know those offenses that have not been notified at home or through the Electronic Road Directorate.

More payment facilities

In addition to the usual means, each driver may make the payment of fines online. It also established systems, such as road payment by credit card.

Less violations remaining points

With the new law is to make things even more fair to good drivers. To do this, are reduced from 27 to 20 offenses involving loss of points.

Recovery of points

Are extended from 4 to 6 points that can be recovered in the course of partial recovery points.

Suspensions are eliminated

Eliminate the temporary suspension of driver’s license for a serious or very serious. Only lost the permit after you exhaust the balance of points or by court order.

More difficult for not paying traffic fines

Drivers who break the rules will be more difficult to evade their responsibilities to the administration, since, with four or very serious penalties without paying serious, can not do any procedures on your vehicle.

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