What do you need to open a bank account in Spain

One of the things we expats have to deal with before leaving our home country is making the decisions which will shape the process of switching residency.

The good news is that you can start managing many these processes from home, which for a long time had been impossible. This is all thanks to the Internet. With a computer at your fingertips you can start laying the groundwork. One of the first things to think about is having some money ready at your destination so that you never have any issues receiving your salary or making payments.

One of the first jobs is to open a bank account in Spain, if the country is your destination.

What you need to open a bank account in Spain

The requirements are the same as at the majority of banks. However, you have the advantage that you can do everything online. My recommendation is that from the outset you choose a bank that can assist you in your language. In my view HolaBank, which is a top value service offered by CaixaBank (one of the largest banks in Spain) for expats, is the best solution. An organisation which can talk to you in your language and which is ready to provide everything an expat could need.

You can open a bank account in Spain remotely through a Living Solutions account. On this platform you will be asked for certain contact information or, if you are in more of a rush, you can contact them by phone. You will soon see how opening a bank account in Spain is much easier than you might imagine.

Once you’ve opened your bank account you will have a whole range of financial advantages at your disposal including

  • Free Debit/credit Visa card (holder and beneficiary)
  • Free Visa &Go card1 for the first year2
  • Digital banking CaixaBankNow and online correspondence
  • Debit withdrawals at over 9,600 CaixaBank ATMs3
  • Pay in cheques in euros drawn on a bank in Spain
  • Order 24 transfers in euros to accounts in the EU4

and other non-financial advantages, which make up part of a service club package which is perfect for expats and will make your move incredibly easy: registration of goods, moving services, translations, telephone medical service, legal and administrative support… Everything you need to permanently settle in to your new home with the help of a single intermediary: HolaBank.

I’ve met a large number of people who have opened this kind of bank account in Spain and I have to say that the level of satisfaction is very high, which just goes to show that my positive experience was no accident but instead was all thanks to a comprehensive, highly professional service tailored to the specific needs of expats.

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