Why you should quit your job and move to Spain

So you’ve stayed at home, worked hard all year, toiled for the man and got nothing to show for it. Do you really want a repeat of all this year? Shaking your head? Time to quit your job and move to Spain then.

Still got your doubts? Here’s a few reasons why it could work out for you:

The economy works in the favour of english speakers

Move to spain to teach! There’s plenty of opportunity.

Spain may be suffering worse than most in terms of the recession and unemployment rates but for the native or fluent English speaker opportunity is rife.

As most economists will tell you (sadly I’m not one) the education sector is one of the safest during a period of depression. In Spain the ferocious appetite to learn English is stronger than ever and there’s plenty of opportunity to make a sideline income in private instruction.

But even if you’re not that interested in teaching English, business people or marketers can also move to Spain to take advantage as companies continue their feverish search for English speakers to help extend their business abroad.

The culture is more relaxing

Start the day with a Spanish breakfast. Since returning from Spain to spend the Christmas holidays in the UK, I (and others) have noticed that I’m way more laid back and relaxed. What do I put it down to? 3 months living in Spain and taking in the culture that’s what!

With it’s laid back, easy going life, Spain is a far cry from the work-obsessed, climb-to-the-top societies of the UK or North America. Step out onto the streets and you’ll notice just how less stressed Spaniards are in comparison.

Tottering through the streets, bumping into a friendly face and heading off for drinks and tapas are a big part of the slow life. Move to Spain and you can expect much of the same.  Just ask the bloggers!

It’s cheaper than you might think

Most people look at expats living in La Costa del Sol or La Costa Blanca and think them either rich. But while these areas of Spain might be slightly more expensive than others, no doubt you’ll find them much cheaper to live in than you originally thought.

Just as I highlighted, renting a simple place here can often mean getting way more for your money.

This year I was paying 100 Euros a month for a room in a shared apartment in the centre of Cáceres. A little bit more would have got me something far more luxurious than the 520-pound-a-month room I was renting in London in the early part of this year.

Apply these tips and you might get an even better deal!.

The food is fantastic

Move to Spain and try the ham!

I’ve moaned enough times about what it’s like being a vegetarian in Spain, but I appreciate for the most part I’m shouting into a crowded room. Let’s face it, despite my best efforts; most of you are meat eaters and you’re not going to change anytime soon!

Move to Spain then and every one of your carnivorous whims will be taken care of. Enough ham, big-enough beef joints to make even Desperate Dan balk at the challenge and chicken in every way you could want, people rave about the food in Spain for a reason.

As for me I still enjoy what I can. Right now I could kill for a well-cooked tortilla española.  Thank god then for Spanish Recipes ace blog.

Festivals for Every Occasion

Have a cool time at WOMAD.

In the short space of time I was in Cáceres I managed to see and experience a Blues Festival, an Irish Fleadh, Oktoberfest, a Medieval Market and a few other completely free festivals.

What you might have gathered? Spain is party central.

With a festival to suit every occasion and with plenty happening throughout the year, move to Spain and you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied. Some of the ones I’m looking forward to next year include Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls and, of course, tomato throwing fest La Tomatina. The Battle of the Flowers is an odd sounding stoking my interest too!


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