You know 3,000 words in Spanish

Are you still hesitant about embarking on a new language adventure? Never fear!

Spanish is simple. If you can learn English, and if you are reading this you know you can, you will be able to learn Spanish easily, if you are committed to doing so.

Chances are, you already know quite a few Spanish words, without even realizing it. If you have the ability to sit and think about what is being said or written, Spanish is, for the most part, easy to figure out. And we’re not talking about taco, tortilla, or empanada. But “harder” words like bailarín (dancer), armario (closet or armoire), contento (content or happy), restaurante (restaurant) and hundreds of other palabras cognitivas —words that sound the same in more than one language. Just look out for “false cognates”—words that look or sound like another. An embarrassing situation will only get more embarrassing if you tell everyone you are embarazada (pregnant) when you really mean embarrassed.

Here’s just a few of the more than 3,000 cognatives you’ll discover. At the same time you realize you already know more than 3,000 words in Spanish. Take a look:


English Spanish
abdomen abdomen
abrasion abrasión
accidental accidental
adobe adobe
Africa África
adorable adorable
agile ágil
alcohol alcohol (makes life easy)
alias alias
altar altar
altitude altitude
animal animal
antenna antena
appendicitis apendicitis
arthritis artritis
auditor auditor
aviator aviador

And, rather than continue a long list, why not study Spanish through our free email courses and learning more about the cognatives yourself. You’ll have a 3000 word jumpstart on everyone.

Once you get a little bit of vocabulary down, you’ll be able to figure out even more words, such as lavamanos (sink), which is made up of the two words meaning wash (lava) and hands (manos). You wash your hands in a lavamanos. And don’t forget to clean your parabrisa (wind shield) which is made up of the words para (for) brisa (breeze) before you go driving.

In our free 10-lesson email course, we will walk you through, step by step verbs, grammar, learning Spanish’s useful words and phrases for the vacationer and the businessperson, and much more. All for free!

Finally, don’t be afraid to speak the language, even if you are not fully confident doing so. If you are making an effort to speak a language you don’t quite know, Spanish speakers are kind and polite and most will overlook a mispronounced word or incorrect grammar.


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